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Create and save as text a list of all files in selected folders and subfolders (See all)

Personally, I cannot help but finding it nothing short of amazing that after uncountable versions and updates, Windows is still unable of performing functions that were common practice in the times of MS-DOS. FileName Listing is one of those extremely useful utilities that allows us to recover one of those features – namely, to produce a list all files in a folder (with or without subfolders) and print it, save it as a text file, or even export it to Excel as a CSV file.

In all honesty, producing lists of files under Windows is still possible, provided that you know how to open a DOS window and know how to use the corresponding listing and printing commands. That, in the era of graphical user interfaces, mouses, and context menus, is – to say the least – a complete nuisance. FileName Listing offers you, at no cost at all, that extra functionality from the old days that Microsoft engineers haven’t been able to add to the Windows GUI yet.

The way the program works is extremely simple. You’re offered a number of options to customize your lists by opening the Option Settings dialog. There you can include all subfolders (and their corresponding files, of course), tell the program to include the full path of every file, export the list as a CSV file that you can import in Excel, list only those files that carry a specific extension or filename, exclude specific files or file types (that you can select using wildcards), open a selected file, and define where and under what name you want to your file list to be stored.

Such simple functionality requires but a simple interface, and that is what FileName Listing offers you. Some may even find it a bit lame, but is there anything lamer than a DOS window? I’d love it to see it integrated into my context menu, but that’s probably too much asking to a program that already provides a very useful piece of functionality for free and a request that we should be sending to Microsoft instead. FileName Listing is a must on any Windows desktop – it works like a charm, it takes up barely no resources, and it is completely free.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Can list all files in folders and their subfolders
  • Excludes selected files following your criteria
  • Saves lists as CSV and text files
  • Lists complete paths if so desired


  • It does not integrate with Windows context menus
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